11 November, 2011

Monty- We love you and will forever

I write this from my heart and hope it reaches you wherever you are. You came to us well matured but did not have any problems in adjusting with us. Your colour golden brown made you shine like the precious metal itself. You are precious and will me. I remember the moments which you made it special for us. You made us wanted. Stood for us patiently to return home. You were the jewel of my aunt and shared a special relation with her. She cried like a child when you, her child, left us all. You left a void which will never be filled.

We never left you alone at home for you would start crying if you didnt see us for some time. And now how can you leave us forever? We fell your presence everywhere at home. The place where you used to sleep in my room is so empty now. In the mornings you used to wait to get into my room. You responded to everything that we spoke. You were not an animal. You were a human for me. My friends, students and girlfriend were so fond of you. They too are sad hearing about your demise.

And when we used to bring sweets and ice-cream, you used to glued by us. When I used to have my favorite dish- biriyani, used to wait for me to finish to have the bones. You were no pet to us. You were family. We will never get anybody so faithful and honest. That is why we never used to tie you up. You knew where your home was. And in this home you have created a vacuum. Christmas is coming and I still remember how you used to love having the cakes. 

When strangers came you cautioned us yet you didnt give any signal that you would leave us. May be even in death you didnt want to disturb us. Im sorry Monty I cudnt help you. Death is bad ! I hope to meet you once again when I die. It was sad to see your lifeless body sail in the Ganges, the very body which extended to me a handshake. You were so dutiful and obedient. I pray that you be in peace wherever you are. And Im sure you would be in the presence of good company as here on earth you were immaculate. You bowl, neck strap and towel are all there. I take the responsibility of doing the mistake of not keeping a picture of you. But I assure you that You will be always in Our memory and prayer.Wish you were here too....

Not from your master but your brother.
Love you Monty !
You were a Gem of a friend !